Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gearing up for Brew-to-Brew

I am so excited for my next race!  Myself and 5 other awesome ladies are running a 44 mile relay called Brew-to-Brew from Kansas City, MO to Lawrence KS...from one beer brewery to another!  I've never had a beer after a race, but there is always a first!  Everyone whom I've talked to who has run this in the past has said that it is a total blast.  Running, drinking beer AND raising money for cystic fybrosis...sounds pretty awesome to me!

Today, 5 of us got together for a very cold, but sunny trail run.  Man, that felt GOOD!  It was one of those days I could've kept going and going.  Afterwards, we went to a coffee shop to plan out and pick our legs of the relay.  I'm running a 4.8 mile leg and am bringing the race home with the last leg of 4.7 miles. 

Since this race is a relay, all teams must have a baton that each runner hands off to the next.  The baton is the teams' choosing.  Well, our baton, much to my chagrin, is a tutu.  You heard me right, a tutu.  I am so NOT a ballerina!  But, I must say that this will make for HILARIOUS race pictures!  My team has also decided to get matching pink camo t-shirts with a quirky name for each of us on the back.  It is going to be so much fun! 

We are crossing our fingers for no rain...or snow.

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